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Greetings! You have stumbled upon the mixed media journal of kakame, a 16 year-old incoming junior who is slightly derranged, sporadic and most importantly ror.

*coughcough* Why use ikkyu? Even if it's named after a certain monk who lived from 1394-1481 who was known for his poetry? Even from this day, I can honestly say that I don't know why. XD

This journal will house all my various claims to various icon challanges (i.e iconfiend100, ost_challange etc.) my literary works (ah, but when will it happen? :O), and ocassionally art dump? XD If you are looking for icons, please head on over to ibonpapel. :D

ikkyu is also kakame's (or Aggy's) mini-portfolio showcasing some of her works as an (read:) aspiring graphic designer. I'm getting there... I think. :D I started tinkering around with Photoshop ever since I was in Grade 5 and the bug has never left ever since.

HAHAHAHA, of course, like everybody else, there are just a few simple rules to make both of our lives easier. XD

♥ Comment whenever you decide to take something! They make me feel fuzzy and stuff. XD
♥ Credit!me in keywords. Either kakame, ikkyu, or both.
♥ Yush, DO NOT HOTLINK (it takes up bandwidth). How many times have I said that? You're liek going to get eaten by something, chosen at random. The same thing applies to thieves.
♥ Please do not claim these icons as your own. IF word does get to me and you are doing such, refer to above rule. Didn't your mother tell you that stealing is bad?
♥ Textless icons are not bases, but you can ask for some text on them (if you so desire).
♥ Don't post them elsewhere (Xanga, Myspace, Friendster), or no redistribution. wtf, lololl.

Yeah, that's pretty much it. :DD And if you don't follow, I'll hunt you down like, yeah. It's common courtesy, yes. XD >D

Coding done with overrides from everything_lj, and the userinfo uses codes from thesebullets. :D

My resources post can be found here